Our storytelling goes beyond making award-winning films – we are dedicated to a holistic narrative approach that views strategic content and campaigns as one.

PF Pictures has a rich history of collaborating with organizational partners to harness the power of film by not only building synergy with member groups that support the film’s message, but orchestrating the release and distribution of our features, shorts, and series’ to reciprocate engagement, find common cause, and turn the audience into participants.

Case Study

The Age of Consequences sparks policy makers to act on national security threat of climate change

The Age of Consequences – an investigation of climate change and US national security – played theatrically in the US & Canada, garnered critical acclaim at festivals worldwide (HotDocs, Sheffield, DOC NYC), charted in the top 5 on iTunes, and has global distribution with PBS. The US TV and streaming premiere was on STARZ, launching the new documentary strand on the premium cable network.

In wake of the STARZ release, we will use the film as a tool to garner support for H.Res 195 “Expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to conservative environmental stewardship.” There is language in it specifically about climate change being a “national security threat”. More details here.

Spearheaded by outreach director Sophie Robinson – and impact producers Tatiana McPartland & Mia Bruno – the film has to date enjoyed a robust outreach campaign, playing at over 100 universities including MIT, Harvard, & Yale, mainstaying environmental group events, and screening with policy makers on Capitol Hill, the UN, NATO, European Union, UK Parliament, Australian Defense Force, and NASA.

Read more here about the #CleanJobs4Vets campaign in collaboration with Grid Alternatives, Operation Free, and Clean Capital.

Case Study

Disobedience spearheads Break Free from Fossil Fuels actions in 2016

Disobedience is a film about a new phase of the climate movement – courageous action that is being taken on the front lines of the climate crisis on every continent, led by regular people fed up with the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry.

Screenings were planned across the globe throughout April-May of 2016 to support ongoing organizing to defeat the fossil fuel industry.

Watch the film here for FREE:

Released in partnership with and Break Free, the film documented the groundwork that led to 20 escalated actions involving 30,000+ participants on six continents.

Major Fossil Fuel Projects Disrupted:

Newcastle Coal Port. Australia – The world’s largest coal port. 

Vattenfall Welzow-Sued coal mine +Schwarze Pumpe coal power station. Germany – One of the largest sources of CO2 emissions in Europe. 

Pecém coal power plant. Brazil – One of the largest coal power plants in Brazil.

Ffos-y-Fran coal mine. Wales, UK – The largest open-cast coal mine in the United Kingdom.

Aliağa coal ash disposal site. Izmir, Turkey – Waste site for four power plants in one of the most polluted areas in the region.

March Point oil refinery. Washington, USA – The largest unmitigated source of CO2 in the northwest United States.

Case Study

Disruption galvanizes the largest climate march in history

We most recently collaborated with, Avaaz, WWF, Sierra Club and hundreds of other groups to disseminate the cross-platform release of DISRUPTION, a film on climate change tipping points that galvanized 400K+ to NYC and thousands more around the globe in the largest climate march in the history of the planet.

The film’s awareness, teasers, trailers, and orchestrated member-hosted screenings were carefully calculated with the People’s Climate March campaign to reach a fever pitch in the streets of New York City on September, 21st before world leaders met at the UN’s Climate Summit.

The film’s premiere and massive day-and-date simulcast 2 weeks before the march date was viewed 1 million times in the first 6 days alone worldwide. The injection of the film into the information bloodstream was catapulted by a Vimeo Staff Pick, UpWorthy, NYTimes, Huff Post – everyone from Al Roker to Chris Hayes were spreading the word on television as the internet lit up calls to march from celebrity activists like Leonardo DiCaprio. Films for Action ranked it the #1 all-time film for social change and Van Jones (CNN) called it,

“the most important climate statement on record. Period. 1/3 of the people are here because they watched the film.”

Segments of the film were also used in “Under the Dome” that was viewed over 200 million times before being banned by the Chinese Government.

Case Study

Do The Math & Keystone XL Victory’s defensive strategy against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline was documented in the Al-Jazeera America release of DO THE MATH, based on a sold-out 23 city tour by and Bill McKibben of the same name. The film was used in 10,000+ house party screenings around the US and the globe.

Organizers used the film – and several additional short films by PF Pictures – as a recruitment tool for new members and to rally the base around the issue. Here is our victory film that outlines the lessons learned from the successful fight against KXL.

Case Study

Brookings Institution Second Century Campaign Raises 600 Million Dollars

As the Brookings Institution approaches its centenary in 2016, we were asked to make a series of films for its Second Century Campaign to raise $600 million to help address the great public policy challenges of our time.

Since Brookings was founded, generous philanthropists—individuals, corporations, and foundations—have provided the resources that enable Brookings to contribute to a stronger, more resilient, more prosperous society through public research.

As the issues facing our nation and our world become more complex and interconnected, Brookings scholars are bringing unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise to finding solutions and, through deeper engagement with the world’s political and business leaders, achieving truly global impact.

Case Study

Global Power Shift builds solidarity for climate action around the globe


Global Power Shift was the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. First, hundreds of climate leaders from around the world gathered in Istanbul to share stories, learn skills, and sharpen strategies.

These leaders then returned to their home countries to spark a wave of convergences, campaigns, and mobilizations for climate action. We made a film to inspire those around the world to start their own campaigns, culminating in 86 national power shifts around the globe.


Highlighting Global Power Shift climate change leaders, we created a tribute to Nelson Mandela – “It always seems impossible until it is done”

Case Study

Split tours with US Department of State and mobilizes first-time voter turnout

Split: A Deeper Divide was the discourse cornerstone of a nationwide First Time Voter campaign in partnership with the National Council for the Social Studies, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, MTVu and Rock the Vote.
The film also toured extensively with the US Department of State playing across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.